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By siteadmin - August 31, 2023

Reasons to Build Your Home in a Gated Community

As an experienced craftsman luxury home building company in East Texas, Sam Vercher understands that when it comes to building and designing your luxury home, there are a lot of options to consider.

What luxury home design to choose? What high-end home features to incorporate? Do you want sustainable luxury home options? What about smart home technology? Landscaping? The list goes on.

But the most important place to start is: where do you want to build your custom luxury home?

The old saying goes: “location, location, location.”

Have you considered building your luxury home in a gated community?

There are many reasons to build your home in a gated community. Here’s a short list to help you decide:

Spanish style luxury neighborhood with a man made lake

The Name Says It All

In today’s world, community can feel like a thing of the past. The days when kids used to play hide and seek on the block, or neighbors gathered for BBQs seem like a distant memory. But that’s not the case in many gated communities.

Find a community that’s like-minded. If you discover a place where the vibe feels like home, this is the neighborhood for you.

If you’re interested in building a luxury home in a gated community, do plenty of research ahead of time. Check out websites and online reviews. Take time to go to the community and speak with members of the neighborhood and HOA. Talk to your potential neighbors about why they enjoy this particular gated community.

Do you like the look and style of the homes? Many gated communities have guidelines or rules for how the homes can look to create a cohesive aesthetic, so make sure you ask about those specifications before you move forward with design plans.

Are you retired? There are some wonderful, gated communities that focus on folks of retirement age. If this is you, building your luxury home in such a community means you’ll have access to more activities, amenities and like-minded neighbors.

Gated entrance to luxury neighborhood


Gated communities are generally just that—gated. This means there’s a physical barrier between the homes inside, and the world outside.

Security is a main concern of most people when it comes to their families, home, and possessions. You can secure your home, but if you live in a neighborhood without security you’re still exposed to more risks. Building your luxury home in a gated community means your family and all you own will be more secure.

Gated communities have limited access, and that access is usually controlled by a guard or coded entry. This means they’re much harder to get into for anyone looking to do harm.

Do you have a family? Fear of predators is a real concern for those with kids. Living in a gated community means there are less people able to cruise by and see your family and any valuable items you may have that would prove appealing.

Most gated communities also invest in round-the-clock electronic video surveillance as an added security measure. Knowing your luxury home, its’ contents, and your precious family are safe is priceless.

Luxury neighborhood with man made lake and fountain


Many gated communities feature luxury amenities beneficial to both families and individuals. These can range from one or multiple pool/hot tubs, tennis courts, golf courses, dog parks, work-out facilities, community space/clubhouse for events, and more.

While it’s wonderful to have custom luxurious amenities in your own home, it’s also good to have community spaces for you to use with your family, or to gather with your neighborhood.

When considering a gated community for your luxury home, make sure to inquire about what neighborhood amenities are available.

Hill-side luxury neighborhood

Home and Property Value

If you’re building a luxury home, the value of the property/home is more than likely on your mind. Added value is another great reason to choose a gated community for your luxury home construction.

Gated communities are a more stable investment than a regular property. Because of the specific building rules and regulations and other HOA accommodations the value of the homes remains consistent, which is a significant benefit in a fluctuating housing market. A home is an investment and building inside a gated community adds value to your investment.

Peace and Quiet

The world around us is getting busier and busier. It’s becoming more difficult to find peace and quiet. If those are things you value, working with your custom home builder to build in a gated community is a great option. Because the street and walking traffic is limited, you’ll have much less noise pollution and busy hustle and bustle to contend with around your home. Especially if you work in the city, coming home to your own quiet oasis can be priceless.

Less traffic also means it’s safer for your kids. If you enjoy taking walks and biking with your kids, knowing you’re doing so in a safe environment can make all the difference.

There are a lot of decisions when it comes to choosing where to build your luxury home. Choosing a gated community gives you added home value, community, a greater sense of security, access to more amenities, and a more peaceful place to live for you and your family.