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By siteadmin - November 9, 2023

5 Luxury Walk-In Closet Design Ideas

Experienced luxury home builders like Sam Vercher, a custom home builder in East Texas, understand that each luxury home will be a blend of unique details. Design, amenities, and high-end home features such as luxury home landscaping, smart home technology, and features such as a pool, in-home theater, or luxury walk-in closet make your new home stand out from the rest.

Luxury home design is all about balancing current style trends and the details that make a home uniquely yours.

One great way to make your home space feel luxurious, stylish, and special to you is by designing a walk-in closet.

It can be difficult to know where to start. The internet is full of photos and ideas. When you design your walk-in closet for your custom luxury home, it’s important to start by planning.

Start by knowing your needs. You don’t want to design a walk-in closet with your home building company and then discover it’s not actually large enough for your needs. You also don’t want a space that feels cluttered or crammed. You want to be able to clearly see what you have and even put the clothes and accessories on display.

What will you be storing?

Do you want your walk-in closet to accommodate more than clothes? (Shoes, Jewelry, Accessories, etc.) Do you want your items on display, or would you prefer more storage? Do you want a “His” and “Hers” luxury closet space? A combined space? A family space? A walk-in closet is a great place for craftsman details when it comes to clever storage, custom drawers, and unique closet space. Once you’ve come up with what your general needs/wants are, then you can start narrowing it down to fun, exciting design details.

Good Lighting

Lighting in a luxury walk-in closet is not something to be underestimated. We’ve all been in that store changing room where the bad lighting makes you question everything you try on. You do not want that from your luxury closet space. Do thorough research in terms of the space you’re designing and what kind of lighting would be most advantageous for that space. If it’s possible, letting in some natural light via a window is always a nice option. However, not all walk-in closet locations are conducive to a window. Low lighting, lighting around mirrors, and floor lighting to showcase your footwear are all good options. If you’re displaying items, you’ll want to consider display lighting as well.


While the flooring will somewhat be determined by what the luxury closet design concept is, you’ll also have options. Hardwood floors can add a beautiful custom accent, while carpets can add a luxurious look and feel.

Make it a Party!

When it comes to a themed design for your luxury walk-in closet, there’s an endless list to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a modern, chic look, a classic French boudoir, or a luxury Hollywood dressing room, having a theme can help hone your design ideas and make your daily visits to your closet much more fun.


A favored storage method in a luxury walk-in closet is the “island” storage space in the center of the closet. The island allows you to incorporate extra storage for your shoes and other accessories. Also, it creates a convenient counter space within your closet. Other storage ideas could be cleverly designed drawers, unique closet doors, and multi-layered sections to maximize storage space without compromising on the luxury feel.

Color Concepts

The options are virtually endless when it comes to creating a special atmosphere for your walk-in closet. Vibrant? Muted? Modern? Wallpaper? You can keep it simple or mix and match to create a luxury closet space with just the right vibe for you and your clothes.

Closet Furniture

Why not? Who says a luxury walk-in closet can’t also be a comfortable space to lounge? Incorporate chairs and even couches into your closet to bring luxury and comfort together.


You can’t have a luxury walk-in closet space without mirrors. Mirrors perform multiple functions in such a space and aren’t limited to just seeing how that new designer outfit looks. Mirrors create atmosphere, are distinctive accent pieces, and can make a space feel larger when strategically placed. What do you want mirrors to do for your space?

More than clothes?

Why limit the luxury walk-in closet concept to just clothes? Take the design and apply it to other areas of your home. What about a walk-in to organize your kitchen items? Keep your kitchen space organized and uncluttered by creating storage for all the items that are traditionally on counters and shelves.

Integrating a walk-in closet into your luxury home design is a wonderful way to blend the practical necessity of storage for your clothes, shoes, and accessories with style and innovation. From custom lighting to unique storage to design accents and features such as lighting, wall art, and furniture, there are so many options for the aesthetic you want to create in your custom luxury home. Contact your local luxury home designer if you have any questions or ideas for your future luxury closet!