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By siteadmin - May 14, 2024

Best Security Options for High-End Homes

You’ve designed, built, and furnished your high-end dream home.

You’ve added high-end home features, luxury home landscaping, smart home technology for luxury homes, and craftsman details.

Now, how do you keep your dream home and its’ contents safe?

Sam Vercher, a custom luxury home builder in East Texas, understands the importance of protecting your luxury home investment, as well as the people and contents within the home.

In today’s modern world, there are many ways to keep your home, family, property, and valuables safe from harm. You can work with your custom home builder and a security expert to design a home security system that’s ideal for you and your unique situation.

When you think of security for your luxury home, what comes to mind?

Home security—especially systems designed to protect luxury homes—has come a long way from the former standard, “fence, lock, and key” options that were used in the past.

What’s more, you can tailor your security system to your specific needs, your family, and your unique custom luxury home.

One significant detail other than customization that’s important to high-end homes is keeping the security as discreet as possible. Noticeable security systems take away from the atmosphere of a luxury home. Today’s technology, however, has a lot to offer when it comes to customization and discreetness.

Whether it’s home surveillance cameras, state-of-the-art alarm systems, sensors for your doors and windows, motion detector technology, or other options, you can work with a home security expert and your home builder to create a security system that will give you precious peace of mind whether you’re in your home, or away..

Today’s high-end home features can include smart security technology that allows you to incorporate security features directly into the design of your home to ensure a seamless concept that makes your home a peaceful, safe, and secure environment without any obtrusive home security features that take away from your home’s luxury atmosphere.

When you incorporate security into your luxury home design, it’s important to take your entire property into consideration.

If your home has a garage, outbuildings, or other outdoor luxury amenities, it’s necessary to make sure they’re protected.

Smart security systems make it possible to link security across your home and property. Not only that, but you can also monitor them whether you’re home or away. You can truly relax while away from home for work or vacation, knowing you have the ability to use your smartphone or tablet to monitor your home from wherever you are.

  • Cameras: While some argue that an obviously placed security camera might deter intruders, it’s generally assumed today that a luxury home has, at the very least, a security camera. Bulky, noticeable cameras can deter from a home’s luxury atmosphere and design aesthetic. Part of feeling truly comfortable and safe in your home is not having to think about or see the system—just knowing without a doubt it’s working and doing its’ job.

Today’s smart security cameras can be camouflaged in a range of ways and have many capabilities you can customize to fit the needs of your unique home design.

  • Smart Locks: The smart lock has a range of features you can customize and control from the convenience of your cell phone. Temporary passcodes for limited access and Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa are just a few of the ways you can create the exact security system for you, your family, and your home.
  • Motion Detectors: Motion detection is a well-known technology with new, smart technology advancements. While older models could be triggered by a stray cat or squirrel, modern technology can differentiate the movement of a person vs. an animal. You also have options to include deterrents such as triggered floodlights for additional security.
  • Vault or Safe: Home security systems aren’t perfect. Not only that, a big part of home security also involves protecting your home against natural disasters. Fire, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc., can all impact your luxury home.

When you design your home, incorporate protection for your valuables with a custom vault or safe. Design a secure, discrete place to keep documents, family heirlooms, jewelry, artwork, etc., secure from environmental and human impact.

  • Biometric Locks: This security innovation provides accurate fingerprint technology to help keep your home secure from break-ins, etc. Not only does it make your home safer—it’s also incredibly convenient. You don’t have to carry keys around with you or worry about losing them. In addition to fingerprints, biometric locks are also available as a face scan.


When you plan your luxury home design, talk to your East Texas luxury home contractor about including smart security technology.

Keeping your loved ones, valuables, documents, artwork, and the home itself secure—whether you’re at home or not—is priceless. A custom-designed home security system can give you that.