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By siteadmin - August 10, 2023

Choosing the Perfect Location for Your New Luxury Home

Deciding how to design your luxury home can be the easy part because chances are you’ve already been imagining it in your head and asking yourself questions like:
What high-end features do you want to incorporate?

Do you want a more sustainable luxury home? Do you want to have luxury home landscaping?
Smart technology?

Luxury amenities like a home movie theater or pool?

There are so many fun design options to choose from! But when it comes to choosing the perfect location for a new luxury home, making the right decision can be overwhelming.

Sam Vercher, an experienced craftsman luxury home builder in Bullard and Tyler, East Texas, understands that while the design of your luxury home might be the immediate focus, location is just as important.

Modern Luxury Home

Determining the Needs of Your Household

What are your needs and those of your family when it comes to the location of your custom luxury home?

Do you want to be close to certain schools?
Will your home be a vacation getaway?
Or do you need proximity to the city for work?
Are you building a luxury home to retire in?
Do you want to be in a gated community?
Is a luxury country home on the lake your dream?

Whatever your wants and needs, it’s important you have them clearly laid out before you begin your search.

From there, here are a few suggestions to help make finding the perfect location for your new luxury home a bit easier:

East Texas country

Peace and Quiet

One of the wonderful things about building your custom luxury home in East Texas is the countryside and all it has to offer.

East Texas has a wide range of natural areas ideal for a luxury home location: wooded lots and rolling fields; lakes and streams; mountain views; ranch lands, etc.
Picture looking out the window of your new luxury home at a sparkling lake ready for all your recreational fun.

Or hosting BBQs on your luxury outdoor patio.

Quiet lake serenity or a peaceful wooded getaway might be just what you need for the location of your new craftsman home.

Shopping, Restaurants, and Nightlife

If you like to shop and eat out, choosing a location for your new luxury home that’s closer to a town or urban area is a good idea.

Towns in East Texas, such as Tyler, offer a wonderful selection of shopping, restaurants, and nightlife.

Luckily, East Texas has options that combine both country living and proximity to urban amenities.

Luxury Neighborhood with manmade lake

Home Values

When you’re investigating locations for your new home, it’s important to research and consider the value of other luxury homes in the area you’re looking at.

If your luxury home is a long-term investment, it’s a good plan to find out what the home values in the area currently are, what they were in the past, and what projections are for that location in the future. This will help give you a better impression as to whether it’s a good idea to build your luxury home in that particular place and what it might be worth in the future.


You know better than anyone what kind of lifestyle is right for you and your family. How do you want your new luxury home and its’ location to reflect that lifestyle? What aspects of your surrounding area help to enhance it?

Talk to the Neighbors

One great way to decide if a location is right for you is to speak with people who already live there. What do your prospective neighbors like about the location? What do they dislike about it?

By speaking with people who are already living in the area, you can gain a much better idea of how you and your new luxury home will fit in—or not.

Gated entrance to home


Especially if you have a family, safety is a big consideration when it comes to the location of your new luxury home. It’s also something else you can talk to local neighbors about for an honest take on how safe the area is.

Especially if your kids are school-age, you want to know that where you live is a secure environment to raise your family.

If safety is a major concern for you, it might be a good idea to investigate building your new luxury home in a gated community. Gated communities often have a lot to offer when it comes to both security and amenities.

Look to the Future

Building a new luxury home is an investment, and when you invest in something, you want to be sure that your investment is a solid one.

Before deciding on a location, thoroughly research what the home costs are in the area and what they’re projected to be as time goes by.

Are there plans for future developments in the area? What are the pros and cons of those future developments?

Choosing a location for your new luxury home can be difficult, but it can also be exciting. Simplify the process by following this list of suggestions as well as talking to your luxury home builder about their suggestions.