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By siteadmin - June 9, 2023

7 Amenities to Include in Your Luxury Home Design

Designing your new luxury home is one of the most exciting parts of the home design process.

Sam Vercher, a luxury home builder in Texas, knows that the right amenities are the details that make your luxury home exactly what you want and need.

When you work with your home building company to finish your dream luxury home, you’ll need to decide which amenities suit you and your family.

Consider questions such as:

What amenities do you and the members of your household need?

What luxury design amenities do you want to make your home uniquely yours?

This is a fun part of the design process, but it can also be overwhelming.

To help simplify your decision, here’s a list of amenity ideas to include in your luxury home design:

1. Outdoor Kitchen

East Texas, where our luxury home builders are located, is a beautiful region with a great environment to enjoy the outdoors for much of the year. What better way to make your home feel luxurious, feed your friends and family, and enjoy time outside than an outdoor kitchen?

One of the best parts of an outdoor kitchen is the combination of functionality and the opportunity for your custom home builder to create a distinctive, craftsman-designed space.

Outdoor kitchens are great for both everyday use and entertaining guests in the summer. You can customize the space with state-of-the-art kitchen equipment, beautiful furniture, and tailored design details.

Picture the sun setting as you relax in your signature luxury outdoor kitchen…and then contact your local luxury home contractor and start designing.

2. Customized Pool

When you picture a pool in your dream luxury home, what comes to mind? Have you always imagined owning a home with a waterfall? Now’s your chance to include a waterfall in your home design.
When you build a customized pool, you can choose from an almost endless selection of designs: infinity pool, lap pool, lagoon, swim-up bar, waterfall, rain curtain, and so many more. Work with your home builder to create a customized pool design that beautifully complements your luxury home’s aesthetic.

3. Elevator

Do you plan to retire in your luxury home?

Does your luxury home design have multiple stories?

You might want to consider adding an elevator to your home design. An elevator is helpful for numerous practical reasons if you have a multi-story home. Simply getting furniture, suitcases, and other large objects from one floor to the next without needing to use stairs is immeasurably helpful.

Especially if you or other household members are getting up in years, and stairs are becoming more difficult, an elevator can make a big difference in keeping the whole house accessible to everyone.

4. Smart-Features

We see automation in all aspects of our lives, not least of which are our homes. Including smart technology in your luxury home design means you’ll have control of your home literally at your fingertips.

Home automation devices allow you to control your home’s security from your cell phone, wherever you may be in the world.

You can control and monitor your home’s temperature, lights, appliances, and more with the touch of a button.

5. Spa

What says luxury like having a spa in your home? Why spend thousands of dollars traveling to a spa when you can luxuriate on your own every day?

Design your home spa with amenities such as a steam shower, spray tan booth, massage room, hot tub, sauna, spa lighting, under-floor heating, hair-stylist booth, mani-pedi chairs, and more. If you enjoy entertaining, create a home spa designed for hosting and treat your guests to your personal luxury home spa experience.

6. Home Gym

Fitness is a big part of life for many people. However, a trip to the local gym isn’t for everyone. Include a home gym in your luxury home design, and work out in the comfort and security of your own space.

Designing a home gym allows you to tailor the space specifically to your and your household’s needs. Workout preferences are different for everyone. Make your home gym a space you want to work out in.

7. Movie/Game Area

Especially if you have a family, including a movie/game area in your luxury home design means you’ll have home entertainment readily available.

An in-home movie theater is always a hit, as is a traditional game room, but why not think outside the box? In-home sports bar? Indoor playing areas, from putting golf to an indoor basketball court? Video game room? The entertainment design options are virtually endless. Talk to your luxury home contractor and get creative when designing your home’s entertainment spaces.

Choosing which amenities to include in your luxury home design is a fun, exciting part of the luxury home design process. It’s the amenities that create your home’s unique environment and make it distinctive.

Contact your local luxury home builder today and start designing your dream home.