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7 Custom Home Automation Systems for Luxury Living
By siteadmin - May 9, 2022

7 Custom Home Automation Systems for Luxury Living

You’re in the process of designing your luxury home. Your custom home builder asks, “What about home automation systems?”

Sam Vercher, a craftsman home building company out of Bullard and Tyler, East Texas, thinks that custom home automation systems are ideal for the ultimate luxury living.


First, what is a home automation system?

It’s a system that uses your WiFi to send out relevant data to different smart appliances and devices throughout your luxury home.


There are multiple mediums of control for further ease of use, including an app on your personal phone or tablet, a wall-mounted touchpad, or a website.

A good comparison is to think about the convenience of a wall-mounted thermostat that helps you regulate temperatures in different rooms of your home.

Now, instead of controlling just your thermostat and home comfortability, you can control – lighting, home security, and certain home appliances.


While this might sound a little like the Jetsons, our everyday technology has become quite advanced. Imagine the convenience and time-saving a custom home automation system can give you.


First, you need to ask yourself what your needs are in your home and what you want automated.

If you’re interested in automation, why not go all out?

Customize, streamline, support, security—all things a home automation system can add to your life, all controlled through your smartphone or iPad.

  1. Audio

Who doesn’t want a home wired for custom sound?

Room by room, you can streamline your home’s audio for each family member’s individual needs, as well as the needs of the household. If one room wants opera, and the other rock and roll, you can make it all happen from your smartphone. Is your teenager playing their music too loud in their room? You have the power to turn it down across the house from your cell!

  1. Window Treatments

Being able to control your home’s window treatments isn’t just a luxury. It’s a functional necessity that helps temperature and light control in your home, even from far away.

If you’re out of town and hear about a weather change, you can customize your blind settings accordingly. Sunny days? Lower the drapes to help protect your home’s surfaces from fading and sun damage and help with temperature control. It also helps you control your home’s atmosphere, whether your home or away.

  1. In-Home Theater

Have you always wanted your own in-home entertainment system? Automation makes it even better. What are your needs and wants out of a media room? Theater-sized screen? Custom surround-sound audio and video capabilities? Imagine having friends over for a movie night in your own in-home theater with easy use and custom-controlled audio.

Tablet with title Smart Home

  1. Automate Your Kitchen

Kitchen automation is one of the latest in automation technology to help make your daily life more streamlined and convenient. You can even automate your microwave!

How many times have you lost or forgotten your grocery list?

With automated refrigeration, you can take photos and even be notified when you’re running low on certain important day-to-day items. Running to the store and not sure if you need milk? Your fridge can help you with that.

  1. Home Security

Home security is one of the leading popular functions for home automation. Depending on the security you choose, you can video monitor and control everything from cameras to lights to door locks while home or away.

Are you someone who often forgets to lock their door or forgets your keys? No longer a problem. You can now control your home’s door locks from your smartphone. The ability to double-check whether your house is locked from wherever you are is priceless.

  1. Lighting

Home lighting is everything when it comes to atmosphere. Being able to customize your luxury home’s lighting from room to room is the ultimate in finalizing your perfect home design.

What’s your scene? What atmosphere do you want in your living room? Custom Kitchen? Large master bedroom? Luxury master-suite bathroom? Outdoor patio?

Plan your smart lighting system and explore all the possibilities you can imagine.

Talk to your luxury home contractor today about what options are available to you for home automated lighting.

  1. Heating and Cooling

Automated systems to heat and cool your home are probably what many people are most familiar with. Programmable thermostats are one of the first computerized features available in homes and have made temperature control easier and easier.

Now, you can control the temperature in your home from virtually anywhere on your smart device. What makes it even more efficient is that you’re able to now control the temperature in different rooms.

If one room gets more sun than another, you have the ability to make that specific room cooler. This type of customization also leads to a more sustainable home and can lower your utility costs.

If you’ve already built and designed your luxury home, but are interested in automation options, contact your local luxury home builder and designer and ask about what upgrades might be available for your home.

Looking for more? Ask about options for automated water features, energy automation, smart jacuzzi, and automation for your luxury commercial spaces as well.

Automation for your luxury home means greater security, convenience, and a custom-designed atmosphere.