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By siteadmin - March 8, 2021

Specialty Rooms in Luxury Homes – Top Custom Home Ideas

When it comes to home building and designing the best and most unique custom luxury home, you don’t want your new dream home to be just like everyone else’s.  The top custom home builders throughout Tyler and East Texas have designed and created all kinds of unique spaces.

Talented and true craftsmen, such as Sam Vercher of Sam Vercher Luxury Homes– continue to see unique and specialty rooms requested by homeowners- and now more than ever.

Whether you’re filling a special need by incorporating a unique room into your new home’s plan or simply wanting to indulge in a special space, an experienced builder can offer suggestions and ideas.

The best luxury home builders know this and can help you incorporate custom rooms and amenities that are perfect for you and your family.

One of the best ways to make your home exclusive to you is to work with a craftsman home builder to design and create specialty rooms in your mansion.

It’s essential to choose a luxury home builder who you feel comfortable working with and one that you think understands your unique wants and needs.

Top custom home builders will work directly with you to make your luxury home dreams a reality.

Best custom luxury home builders like Sam Vercher understand the needs of their customers and how important specialty room design can be to a luxury home’s unique look and feel.

While it’s always fun to incorporate traditional specialty rooms in your luxury home, it’s also good to think outside the box. Home theaters, work-out/exercise rooms, and game rooms are never a bad idea.

But here are some more ideas to help you and your top custom home builder design the perfect luxury home for you.

Luxury Home Office

In today’s world, more and more people are working from home. If you’re working from home, it should be in the comfort of your own professional space.

Why not design and build a luxury home office?

Work with your luxury home designer to incorporate signature accents into your home office. Create unique shelves to display your collections and accolades.

Make your desk the ultimate workspace for you, whether that means simple or luxurious or anything in between.

Bring in unique accents such as chandeliers, custom ceilings, fireplaces, and large windows to bring in plenty of light.

Let your luxury home office be a space you want to work in.

Luxury Walk-In Closet

Large, walk-in closets are always a necessity. Still, it can also be a specialty room unique to your luxury home.

Talk with your custom home builder to create a closet space that not only fits your needs, but also showcases your clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Incorporate built-in shelves, dressers, and even comfortable seating.

Layer built-in drawers to organize and display your shoes and accessories.

Design display cases for your most special items.

Oversized Chef’s Kitchen

Today, people are cooking and eating at home more than ever.

The kitchen space has made a comeback as a place to eat and spend time together.

Work with your top luxury home designer to create a unique, beautiful, functional kitchen space that’s perfect for you and your family.

An oversized kitchen means you can cook, entertain, and relax in your kitchen space.

Here are a few design features to give you ideas:

  • A built-in custom island can be the perfect accent piece for a kitchen. It provides storage, counter space, and a gathering place for eating and entertaining. It can also be a luxury item with custom accents such as marble countertops or built-in lighting.
  • Space for your luxury amenities. Whether it’s your specialty coffee-maker, your collection of crystal, or top-of-the-line appliances, you can design the perfect area to display them all.
  • You and your designer can create built-in additions to your kitchen such as seating, storage, and display to make it ideal for you and your family’s needs.

Spa Room

In today’s world, getting out to the spa isn’t as easy as it used to be. So why not work with your luxury home builder to design your dream spa right in your home.

Whatever favorite features you have at your regular spa, you can design and create in your luxury home, whether it’s hot tubs, massage tables, a sauna, or much more.

Children’s Play Room

Families are spending more time at home than ever these days.

The home space has now also become a school, playground, etc.

Create a wonderful place for your kids to play, and also keep a lot of the clutter and mess in one area by creating a children’s play room.

The sky is the limit when it comes to options. Build a ball pit, play kitchen, forts, and more.

Your children will be happy, and so will you!  Think about space that will grow with your family and will have the flexibility to change with your family’s needs.

Art Gallery

Nothing says luxury like your own art gallery in your custom home.

Top craftsman home builders have experience with intricate designs, concepts, and home gallery ideas that can help you build and create the ultimate art gallery to complement your beautiful new home.

If you love collecting beautiful artwork, why not showcase it in a way you and your guests can enjoy in one place?

An art gallery, whether showcasing your prize Picasso, local artists’ talent, or your children’s masterpieces over the years, is the perfect specialty room addition to your dream home.

Walk-in Wine Cellar with Bar/Tasting Space

Take your luxury wine room to the next level by designing and building a bar/tasting space to enjoy your collection.

It’s a great place to entertain and keep your wine at the perfect temperature.

Ready to start building and quit dreaming about your luxury, dream home?  Get in touch with your local builder’s association, ask trusted friends for referrals.   Sam and his team at Sam Vercher Luxury Homes are here to help answer any questions and get you on the road to your new luxury home.