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By siteadmin - December 29, 2020

Questions To Ask When Choosing a Custom Home Builder

As a custom home builder with many years of experience in luxury home design, Sam Vercher, a renowned specialty craftsman and builder, knows how hard it can be for customers to begin the process of custom home construction.

You recognize quality and luxury craftsmanship, but how do you choose the right luxury home builder for you and your home building project? After all, this may be the biggest project you and your family have ever been involved in.

First, you must establish what your needs are for your luxury home construction. Make a detailed list of what you want, don’t want, and expect from your professional builder. Also, do the same for your luxury home.

Write it all out: the details, design ideas and concepts, and most significantly, your budget.

Before beginning your search, you must have a solid budget. It’s also important to be realistic about your budget. Be clear with your builder about what your budget is. Budgets can make or break a project, and being upfront with your builder about the financial expectations is very necessary.

Once you’ve determined these critical details, then you can begin your search/interviews.

When you begin your search, start with your needs. Most builders have a specialty area. In doing your research, hone in on builders whose work fits your needs and whose designs match your dream home plans.

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Do your homework:      

  • Carefully review their website. Look at other houses they’ve built and even ask if you can take a tour.
  • Talk to others who’ve worked with the builders. What was their experience? What was positive or negative about working with this builder?
  • Look up online reviews.
  • Ask if they offer a new home warranty, and what types?
  • If you decide to change your plan or go with an upgrade, how does that work? This is an important detail, as we all know how plans can change along the way. Transparency is essential in all aspects of the construction process.
  • Do they offer energy-saving/sustainability options? These details are becoming more popular in luxury home construction and can save you money in utility bills down the line.
  • What are their licenses and insurance? As you can imagine, this one is critical. Also, make sure they’re licensed and insured in your state. These rules change state by state, and you don’t want your luxury home construction project to get derailed because of licensing or insurance issues.
  • Experience matters when it comes to luxury home construction. How long has the builder been in the construction business? How many homes have they built? What kind of experience do they have? What types or styles of houses do they tend to design and build?
  • Check the timeline for construction. It’s a good idea to ask how many projects they’re currently involved in. You don’t want your project to suffer because your builder is stretched too thin.
  • Are you able to change/modify/create your own floor plans? This makes a difference in terms of how much you want to be involved in the process. Some people want to turn most of the details over to the builder and not be bothered. Others like to have a hand in all the details. It’s good to have these things out front right away.
  • What standard features and upgrades does the builder offer?
  • Do they have a project they’re currently working on that you could tour? This would give you a good idea of their style and how they work.
  • Make sure you know exactly who will you be working with throughout the duration of the project? Many builders have multiple people on their team. It’s important to know exactly who you’ll be working with on your custom luxury home and if you can work well with them. These relationships are crucial to a smooth building project.
  • How does the builder go about inspecting the construction projects they’re working on?
  • Does the builder have references from clients they’ve worked with in the past?

When you’re figuring out the details, have exact deadlines, and put them in writing. When will you find out the final price? How does the builder want to be paid? How are additional or unexpected expenses handled?

When will the project be finished?

One of the most important things to remember when choosing a luxury home builder for your custom home is to go with your instincts. Trust your gut. If you don’t have a good feeling about the builder you’re interviewing, don’t go with them. Take your time to decide. This is the person you’ll be working with one on one to make your luxury dream home a reality. It’s an important relationship.

During the interview, are they asking you questions about what you and your family want? Are they attempting to get to know you and understand your design ideas? Your lifestyle and expectations?

Asking these questions will help ensure you choose the right builder for your custom, luxury home project.