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By siteadmin - January 29, 2021

Planning Your Home Build With Entertaining in Mind

Sam and his team at Custom Homes by Sam Vercher, located just outside of Tyler, in Bullard, Texas, know that one of the most exciting aspects of designing your own custom luxury home is planning the space in your home that you will share with guests.

As an experienced luxury home builder, Sam Vercher understands it’s about more than just home building. It’s about designing the perfect space to enjoy spending time entertaining friends and family.

Here are expert design tips for planning and designing your custom home to comfortably and impressively entertain guests.

First, think about the times you’ve been a guest. What works in a home when it comes to entertaining? What doesn’t? What details create a successful event, whether it’s a birthday party, holiday party, work gathering, wedding, backyard bbq, or formal catered party?

  • Flow and Design

In designing your custom luxury home, you’ll want multiple choices of places for people to talk, sit, eat, play, and relax comfortably. If entertaining in your home is your thing, you’ll also want to be able to accommodate multiple types of events and a range of ages.

When it comes to interior rooms where you plan to entertain, find ways to make an open living plan. Blend living spaces to make them feel fluid and comfortable. Allow guests to move with ease between rooms and have spaces and surfaces to accommodate food and drinks.

  • Lot’s of Light!

Lighting can make or break an entertainment space. We’ve all been to that party where the lights were too bright and the evening ended early. Install dimmers so that you can change and control the ambiance. As the evening winds down, it’s nice to create an atmosphere.

Design rooms with lots of natural light, which is almost always preferable to artificial. However, make sure you install tasteful window covers for a daytime get-together on bright sunny days.

  • Plan for Placement

When you design your entertaining rooms, plan your furniture placement carefully. Furniture spacing can make or break a room when you’re hosting- especially if you have large or oversized  pieces of furniture. A space needs to be both functional and well designed when it comes to where you put the furniture. It’s a careful balance between having enough furniture for people to sit comfortably when they feel like it but not allowing the room to become cluttered and difficult to maneuver.

  • Details and Craftsmanship

Consider details like showcasing beautiful rugs or carpets that can be moved if necessary. Versatility is a big bonus when it comes to designing to entertain.  A true craftsman builder, like Sam Vercher, can help you design and invision remarkable, one of a kind details in your home and entertaining areas.

Also, consider design details like patterns, materials, and concepts that make a room comfortable, elegant, and welcoming. Don’t forget to incorporate signature accent pieces that are both wonderful to look at and a great conversation piece.

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  • Plan for Noise in Your New Home!

Think about the acoustics of the spaces where you’ll be entertaining. It is a crucial aspect to consider when planning and designing your custom dream home. It’s a detail most people forget, but acoustics can make all the difference when you have a room full of people.

We’ve all been at a gathering where the sound ruined conversation. Shouting into each other’s faces doesn’t make for a fun party. And, it’s an easy thing to fix.

For the main gathering spaces, especially for larger groups or live music, design a room with good acoustics. Incorporate acoustic panels and furniture/rug placement to assist with sound. Talk to your luxury home builder about your needs for sound in your home.

  • Kids (of all ages) Friendly

If you have children, adding design details that include child-friendly spaces makes it easier and more fun to entertain children of all ages. These design details will change depending on the children’s age, but it’s a design area you can have some fun with.

Tap into your inner child and imagine what play areas you would have enjoyed when you were young. With kids of any age, it’s a good idea to add an outdoor area for games. From there, the options are almost limitless.

Have some fun and ask your children what their dream place to entertain their friends would look like.

When designing your luxury home, think beyond the common entertaining spaces such as the living room and dining room.

  • Kitchens: The Go-To Gathering Place

Incorporate kitchen designs that are roomy and allow for sitting/standing places for a decent size group of people. This is useful, especially on holidays. Think of traffic flow.  This is especially important in a kitchen when carrying hot food, drinks, etc.

The kitchen environment is intimate and can be very inviting if properly executed. It can be the perfect space to showcase your cooking skills and the details unique to your luxury kitchen space.

  • Party on the Patio

Don’t forget your outdoor spaces. Patios and gardens make great spots for entertaining. Keep the designs fluid and open concepts to incorporate both comfortable seating as well as standing room. In keeping with the kitchen concept, build in a bar, refrigerator, grill, smoker, fireplace, etc.

Entertaining means preparing for a range of guests. Bring in design details for family get-togethers that involve a spectrum of attendees. Consider adding a pool, game room, cocktail bar, theater, hot tub, etc.

Part of the joy of designing your own custom luxury home is getting to share it with others. These ideas can help you make entertaining part of your custom luxury home design.

Ready to discuss how to get started with the design and building process with Sam?  We’d love to hear from you and get your party planning ideas started.