Custom Homes by Sam Vercher
By siteadmin - September 3, 2020

Finding The Best Luxury Homebuilder Requires A Bit of Homework

Sam Vercher and his Custom Homes business, out of Bullard and Tyler, Texas, understands that building and designing your luxury home can be a dream come true.

Too often, the first stories people hear when they’re about to build a new home are hair raising tales of construction nightmares.

Luckily, it’s easy to avoid such scenarios by choosing the best custom home and craftsman builder for your luxury, large home design.

A home builder and their home building company should partner with you through all aspects of the building process. The building process can be fun, interesting, and exciting—an experience you can enjoy with your whole family.

Builders should be a part of your dream project from the early planning stages. Hiring your architect and builder around the same time makes sense. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page. A plan can’t come together if design and budget don’t align.

Your builder and your architect need to get along and work well together. They’re the team that will make your shared dream come true.

It’s the builder’s responsibility to keep your project moving along according to schedule. While holdups do occur, timing is important in luxury home building, for many reasons. The builder will make sure any issues get corrected immediately so that things proceed on time.

The builder you choose should be the project expert, especially when designing ideas and construction insights. You should be able to talk with them comfortably about the project. They should be able to answer your questions, whether design or construction related.

It’s also the builder’s responsibility to keep things on budget. Too often, construction projects move beyond their budgets. A builder can offer helpful, cost-saving suggestions. They will help keep an eye on potential issues that may come up, causing the project to go over budget. It’s their job to keep one eye on the building, and one eye on the finances.

When looking for a builder, keep it local if possible. Hiring a local builder can be helpful for numerous reasons, but one obvious one is that you can drive by and maybe even visit homes your builder has worked on.

If you can, talk to the owners of the building and ask how their experience was. If this isn’t a possibility, there are other helpful word of mouth options. Talk to family and friends who have used custom builders.

A big part of the process is to go with your gut. Listen to your instincts, and don’t leave things to chance.

How transparent is your builder about cost, timelines, project design details, etc.?

Make sure you take agency on your project and ask questions. Listen to your intuition. If your builder can’t answer your questions to your satisfaction, they’re probably not the builder for you.

A few other things to consider:

  • Is there a connection with your builder?
  • Are they experienced?
  • Do they understand the area?
  • Are they insured and licensed?
  • Does their design background fit yours?
  • Are they good at communicating?
  • Look at other homes they’ve built and their value/resale value.
  • If possible, speak to others who’ve used this builder.

Sam Vercher Custom Homes is an excellent example of the details to look for in a trustworthy and experienced custom luxury home builder.  The integrity, workmanship, and quality of the work are evidenced in every home.

He will personally discuss the projects with his clients and help from the beginning, from purchasing property, to design, to construction, to landscaping.

Like good builders everywhere, Sam Vercher takes his inspiration from his environment. In his early life, he grew up around signature wood craftsmanship in Louisiana. He’s inspired by the historic buildings and woodwork and has an eye for using local components, concepts, and materials.

Custom work is another aspect that sets builders apart and that Sam Vercher Custom Homes specializes in. It’s all about the look and feel of a place, and nothing makes a house stand apart like a custom wooden staircase or signature exterior.

Another aspect that sets Sam Vercher apart is his connections to top architects and design specialists in the area. Those kinds of partnerships are crucial in a successful building project.

One of the most important things to look for in finding the best builder for your luxury home is compatibility. Is this someone you feel you can work together with? Will it be a partnership every step of the way, from preliminary plans to floor selection, features, fixtures, and more?

Look for a builder who you feel can share your dream, and make it a reality.