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Determining the Right Luxury Home Design
By siteadmin - December 29, 2022

Determining the Right Luxury Home Design – Evaluate Your Family’s Needs

Are you ready to find a luxury home building company and start building your custom luxury home but aren’t quite sure where to start? 

Sam Vercher, a craftsman home building company out of Bullard and Tyler, Texas, understands it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to building your luxury family home. 

How do you know what the right home design is? Should you add a home theater? Game room? Multiple bedrooms/bathrooms to accommodate a growing family? A pool? 


Our first suggestion? 

Start by taking time to evaluate what your family’s needs are. 

Once you’ve compiled your list and decided what’s top on your family’s luxury home priority list, contact your experienced custom home builder to help make your dream a reality. 

To start, here are a few ideas to consider for your luxury home design: 


Pool/Spa/Sauna/Hot tub 

Whether you choose to do all or one or two of the above amenities, you’ll never regret it. Nothing beats the heat of an East Texas summer afternoon like a swim in your own pool. A custom pool makes a great addition to any luxury home and is great for families of any size. 

A spa adds an element of luxury for mom and dad while the kids enjoy the pool. 

spacious living room with fireplace

Home Office 

More people have been working from home in the last two years. Your home office in your luxury home should be a space you look forward to working in. Create a design that blends the necessary amenities of a workspace and the comfort of home. Large windows, a fireplace, and craftsman shelving make excellent additions to a luxury home office. 


Outdoor Kitchen 

Outdoor kitchens are continuing to grow in popularity, and for good reason. Especially if you have a large family and/or like to entertain, outdoor kitchen spaces are wonderful for providing a comfortable, elegant gathering space for friends and family. There are so many custom details you can add to your outdoor kitchen. Discuss your ideas with your home contractor. You’ll soon be enjoying food and drinks in your new outdoor kitchen space before you know it. 


Extra Large Garage 

Especially if you have a family, garage space is incredibly useful for storing all the toys and wheeled vehicles you’ll end up with. Where else are you going to put the: motorcycles, cars, dirt bikes, ORVs, boats, jet skis, four-wheelers, bicycles, and climbing wall? 


Master Suite 

Especially if you have a family, a well-designed master bedroom is a must. When designing your luxury home’s main suite, think of it as a sanctuary. The rest of your home is for the family, but that’s your space to retreat from the chaos. Walk-in closets, bookshelves, a luxury bathroom, spa, entertainment center, workout space, etc. are just a sample of ideas to include in your room to make it comfortable and uniquely yours. 


Home Theater 

What better way to entertain or enjoy a family night than with your own home theater? Whether you’re enjoying a Friday night family movie or your kids are having a sleepover with school friends, nothing beats a home theater for movie fun. 

spacious home cinema

Pet Area 

Unfortunately, our pets don’t understand that they live in a luxury home and can create a lot of messes throughout the house. This is why a custom-designed pet area is a perfect addition to any luxury home. Custom design a shower to fit your pet’s bathing needs and customize their meals with a feeding space that could even include automatic water bowls and feeders. 


Game Room 

If you have kids, a game room might be a must for your custom luxury home design. One particularly nice detail about having a separate game room for your kids is that it takes the electronics out of their bedrooms and puts them in a more controlled and accessible space for parents. 



If you have younger children or are planning on having children, a playroom makes a wonderful addition to your luxury house design. Not only is it fun for the kids, but it also helps keep the big toy messes in one space, as opposed to all over the home and bedrooms. 



While going to the playground is always fun, why not build a custom playground in your luxury home’s yard? Rather than venturing off to crowded parks, your family and friends can enjoy the safety, security, and fun of your own home’s playground. Designing the playground could also be a great way to get your kids involved in your new luxury home’s design process. 


Solar/Other Sustainable Design Options 

Luxury homes can come with high utility costs. But they don’t have to. Ask your custom luxury home builder about eco options that are both sustainable and can save you money on utilities, such as solar. East Texas gets a lot of suns, and solar options can make a big difference when it comes to helping your home run cost-effectively and sustainably. 


Upstairs/Downstairs Laundry 

Even luxury homes generate a lot of laundry. If you have a second story, consider adding an upstairs as well as downstairs laundry to make keeping your family’s wardrobe clean even easier. 


While there’s a lot to it, designing your luxury home should be fun, and working with a trusted local home building company like Sam Vercher can make all the difference.