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By siteadmin - November 4, 2021

Designing A Chef’s Kitchen in Your Custom Built, Luxury Home

The kitchen has had its ups and downs in popularity when it comes to being the center of the house.

However, especially in today’s chaotic world, the kitchen is the communal gathering place. It is the space you feed friends and family, the place where you meet after a long day, and for many of us cooking enthusiasts, the place you show off your gadgets and skills.

Sam Vercher, a custom luxury home builder located in Bullard and Tyler, Texas, and servicing the East Texas region, knows that designing a perfect chef’s kitchen for your luxury home isn’t easy.

There are lots of things to consider.

What should the kitchen design be?

What craftsman elements should it include?

What appliances should it have?

And even…Do I need a chef’s kitchen? Wait…What is a chef’s kitchen exactly?

A chef’s kitchen is designed to go beyond the needs of everyday cooking. It’s designed and outfitted so that a professional chef could work efficiently and comfortably in that kitchen space. Think about the layout of the kitchens you’ve seen on kitchen shows. They are designed for smooth efficiency. Everything the chef needs is conveniently placed. The drawers open to reveal exactly the right knife, utensil, or even another refrigerator at precisely the right time. Have you always dreamed of having a kitchen that had the feel of a professional kitchen but the look of a luxury home kitchen?

That’s where your custom luxury home contractor comes in.

But what if you aren’t into cooking but love food and entertaining?

“I don’t cook often, so why would I need a chef’s kitchen?” Some might ask.

Experienced luxury home building companies know that a chef’s kitchen isn’t just for a homeowner who enjoys cooking.

Even if you aren’t up to your elbows at the kitchen sink every day, do you use catering or chef services or want to?

More and more people are eating in-house and having chefs/catering companies prepare their meals. Creating the perfect space for a chef to cook beautiful and signature meals in the comfort and security of your home couldn’t get much better.

The kitchen space is an area in the house where you combine functionality with creative design. While your kitchen should be unique to you and your home, when you and your custom home builder design your luxury kitchen, you should also keep in mind how your design will impact your home’s retail value if you ever decide to sell.

The ultimate design will combine artistic and unique details, practical and functional elements, and market appeal.

furnished kitchen with marble table

Here are some fun, creative design details and amenities for you and your luxury home builder to consider:

  • Double ovens
  • Two dishwashers
  • Central Island
  • Formal Dining Area
  • Induction cooktops
  • Subzero freezer
  • Custom cabinets
  • State of the art equipment and appliances
  • Extra sinks/Larger sinks-prep and dishes
  • Designer hoods
  • Wine closet
  • Wet bar
  • Pizza oven
  • Breakfast room (unique dining options for your family/entertaining)
  • High powered oven
  • Refrigerator drawers
  • Convenient and accessible stocked pantry

The amenity and design options for a chef’s kitchen are endless. There are also many aesthetic choices in your design to consider: wood, modern metals, copper, marble countertops, contemporary or classic, bold or muted colors, etc.

A Chef’s kitchen design will focus more on functionality than on the decorative, so aim for open surfaces wherever possible.

Organization is key. Drawers for utensils, pans, etc.—make them convenient and where you need them most. This also includes well-organized ingredients. Especially spices.

If you’re a serious chef or plan on employing one regularly, there are some design concepts in a chef’s kitchen that should be adhered to.

When you and your home contractor are designing your chef’s kitchen, pay special attention to how the kitchen design flows. There should be a seamless traffic flow between the three main kitchen points: the refrigerator, stove, and sink. This triangle can be adapted to many different kitchen designs, but keeping this exact pattern will help ensure the functionality of your chef’s kitchen.

Another crucial detail to include is a large prep area. Especially if you plan on entertaining, a large prep area is vital. A big, centered island can be the perfect addition to your chef’s kitchen design. Not only does a central island make a good prep/plating space—but it’s also a wonderful place for friends and family to gather while the meal is prepared.

Picture it now: enticing aromas coming from delicious foods cooked in your professionally designed chef’s kitchen for the people closest to you.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

Contact your local luxury home builder today and begin designing your own chef’s kitchen for your custom-built luxury home.