Custom Homes by Sam Vercher
By siteadmin - December 8, 2020

Building Your Dream Home (Without All The Stress)

As an experienced, luxury- home builder in East Texas, Sam Vercher understands how stressful the designing and custom home building process can easily become for the homeowner. Our custom, luxury home building business has offered many years of professional expertise to homeowners throughout Bullard and Tyler, Texas, and many other East Texas locations.  Not only do we build Dream Homes, we build relationships through the process.

Sam understands that designing your luxury home is one of the most significant decisions of your life. Over the years, we’ve heard countless stories of the enormous stressors people go through when designing and building their luxury home.

The reality of the situation is that it’s not just one decision. It’s one big decision with hundreds of little and big choices within it. There will be things you anticipated and certainly things you didn’t.  Moments where you change your mind. Times when you’re not sure of your decisions.

Being proactive ahead of time and planning can help ensure that your luxury home plans stay on track and aren’t stressful.

This is why one of the most critical steps to a stress-free luxury home building project is to begin by choosing a custom home builder that you trust. Someone you work well with and someone whose design ideas for your dream home plans aligns with yours.

A professional builder with experience is crucial.  

Start with research. The internet has made it much easier to research the credentials of home builders and contractors. Thoroughly go over their website. What’s their experience? Look up their online reviews. Online reviews are an incredibly useful tool to help you make your decision. If it’s possible, visit other homes the builder has worked on and speak to people they’ve worked with. You’ll be working one-on-one with your builder and their team, sometimes every day. It’s an important relationship. Definitely take your time making this decision.

Planning and preparation are the keys to keeping your luxury home building project stress free. Don’t leave things until the last minute. Make sure you’ve covered all your bases. And most importantly, do your research ahead of time.

Know what you want and what you don’t want. Even put it in writing, so everyone is on the same page—literally. It’s equally important to know what you don’t want as it is to know what you do want. Make sure you express those expectations clearly. Talk to your builder about these design details and decisions.

Start with the big questions:

  • What type of luxury home do you want?
  • What kind of design? Modern, contemporary, traditional?
  • What details are absolute MUST HAVES? Wine cellar? Spiral staircase? Media Room?
  • Do you already have land or purchased a lot to build on? A good portion of the beginning phases of planning for your luxury home design will begin with the location.
  • What’s your budget?

The budget is a crucial aspect of custom home design. You’ll need to know upfront what you can afford and what you can’t. One of the biggest stressors in building projects is also one of the most preventable—going over budget. Make sure these expectations are laid out ahead of time. Talk to your custom home contractor about your budget. Be realistic. Be honest.

What a relief it will be when you move into your dream home with no unbudgeted financial burdens hanging over you.

Stay involved!   Once you and your custom home builder have reached a budget and design plan, it’s not over. Don’t just step back at this point. Too often, homeowners stop overseeing their project once the initial decisions have been made. Then they pop back in part way through the project and find themselves unhappy with some aspect of the plan. This can not only cause stress, but can also cost money and time.

It’s much better to be proactive and stay involved in the process from the beginning until the end. Keep the lines of communication open. This way, you can make sure you’re working side by side with your contractor to build your dream luxury home.

Be flexible. This is a key ingredient to a stress-free building project that too many people forget or lose sight of.

Remember, things happen- things that are out of anyone’s hands. Materials get held up in transit. Machines and tools break. Weather of all kinds can affect building projects.

Being flexible and understanding of these aspects of home building can make a big difference in how stressful the project is.

Educate Yourself.  Lastly, take time to educate yourself on the process. This project is your baby. The custom, luxury dream home you’ll spend many happy years in.  Have a working knowledge of the design and building project.

  • Have an idea of what certain steps during the building process will look like. How much they will cost. How long they will take.

This knowledge will help keep you involved in all aspects of the building project. Understanding what’s happening makes the process less stressful.

Building your custom dream home shouldn’t be stressful. A bit of preparation ahead of time, good communication, and consistent communication with your custom home builder can help make this exciting time a lot less stressful.