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Luxury Bathroom Ideas for Your Next Renovation
By siteadmin - September 26, 2022

7 Luxury Bathroom Ideas for Your Next Renovation

As an experienced local craftsman home builder, Sam Vercher, a luxury home building company out of Bullard and Tyler, East Texas, knows the value of a luxury bathroom. 

The bathroom is the room in your home where luxury meets functionality. 

Custom home builders like Sam Vercher understand that a luxury home isn’t complete without a custom luxury bathroom. 

When it comes to your next home renovation, here are some ideas for your next luxury bathroom: 

  1. Luxury Shower/Bath 

A bathroom can be so much more than a room for necessary daily functions. It can also be an oasis. When you’re planning your home renovation with your home contractor, consider adding a luxury shower and/or bath. 

There’s no wrong time of day for a relaxing shower or bath. 

Imagine unwinding after a long day of work in a luxurious custom bath you helped design with your custom home builder. From hot tubs to Japanese baths to marble tubs, there are many options for creating your dream luxury bath experience. 

What better way to start your day than waking up in your luxury shower? Optional design materials, lighting, and shower heads mean you can design the exact shower experience you want. While designing your renovation, talk to your custom home builder about what luxury shower options are available for your bathroom. 

large square shower

2. Antique Furniture Storage 

The key to a clean, functional, stylish bathroom design is storage. There’s nothing that takes away from a relaxing bathroom experience than clutter.  

When planning your bathroom renovation, make sure you pay special attention to how you organize the necessary bathroom toiletry and cleaning items.  

Depending on your design choices, antique furniture can make a beautiful, sophisticated, and functional way to create bathroom storage. Especially if you have items like antique dressers or wardrobes, they can work beautifully in a luxury bathroom. 

3. Bathroom Lighting 

You can design the perfect luxury bathroom, but it won’t be complete without the ideal lighting. 

Lighting is what sets the mood. 

The lighting should meet every mood and time of day, from early mornings to relaxed tub evenings. 

When choosing your lighting design with your luxury home builder, consider what type of lighting you want: ambient, spa lighting, natural, chandelier, etc. The options are many and often depend on the function and time of day if you have natural lighting. 

There are many designs to fit your luxury bathroom renovation design. 

4. Open Concept Design 

There’s something about an open concept space that says luxury. An open concept bathroom renovation can include many design details: All glass shower; natural lighting from the most advantageously placed windows; large, luxurious bathtub, etc.  

An open concept is ideal for any space and can help a small space feel larger. In addition, it allows you to showcase beautiful views from large windows. 

shower cabin in the luxurious bathroom

5. Bathroom Windows 

There are so many options today for windows. So, why not include access to your luxury home’s best views in your bathroom renovation? 

We spend a significant amount of time in our bathrooms. Especially if it’s a luxury bathroom with a spa, luxury tub, etc. Why shouldn’t you enjoy the view from there as well? 

Your luxury home designer can help you find ways to maintain your luxury bathroom’s privacy while also including beautiful views from strategically placed windows. 

Natural lighting is a wonderful way to accent any luxury bathroom. 

6. Sustainability 

More and more people are looking for more eco-friendly options for their luxury home renovations. 

Bathrooms require a lot of your home’s electricity and water consumption and daily usage. 

You don’t have to sacrifice luxury for more eco-friendly options. 

Ask your luxury home contractor about sustainable options for lighting, low-flow fixtures for reduced water use, more efficient flow for sinks/shower heads, and eco-friendly building materials. 

With modern innovation, you can have a luxury bathroom that’s both eco-friendly and sophisticated. 

7. Bathroom Flooring 

A vast array of flooring choices are available for your luxury bathroom renovation, including exotic marble, wood, tile, or stone. The right flooring design will help you create the perfect feel for your bathroom.  

Tell your home builder the aesthetic you’re looking to achieve and they can help select the perfect materials.  


A luxury bathroom renovation is a fantastic way to create a functional/luxurious space in your home where you spend a lot of time, as well as a good way to showcase your home’s style. 

Contact your local East Texas custom home builder today, and start designing your luxury bathroom renovation.