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By siteadmin - March 13, 2023

5 Popular Luxury Custom Home Styles in Texas

One of the great things about luxury home styles is that they’re customizable.

Sam Vercher, a luxury home builder working out of Bullard, Tyler, and East Texas, has many years of experience building and studying luxury home styles in Texas and across the Southwest.
When you begin designing your luxury home with your custom home builder, having a style design in mind can be helpful.

What style of home do you like?
What style of luxury home is popular today?
What style of luxury home design has stood the test of time?
What style is prevalent in your area?

There are many details to consider when it comes to building a custom luxury home. You’ll want to think about not only what you want for your home now but also the house’s sale-ability as time goes by.

To help make the process easier, here are five popular luxury custom home styles in Texas:

French Country

The French Country design fits beautifully into the natural East Texas environment. This style has multiple elements at play: practicality, rustic farmhouse, chateau-like designs, and more. These details are evidenced in rustic custom wood walls and/or floors; exposed beams; pitched rooflines; fireplaces; and stone/tile accents.

This design style has a vacation home, rustic-yet-elegant, luxurious, and even whimsical atmosphere.
A house done in a French Country style is complimented by the picturesque East Texas trees, flowers, and landscape. The right luxury home design combined with well-planned landscaping will create an aesthetic as though you’ve just stepped into the romantic French countryside and makes your luxury home like a European escape every day.

American Colonial Style

While these styles are traditionally simple, they’re also easily upgraded to a luxury-style aesthetic. This home design goes back hundreds of years to the early days of the United States.

The American Colonial Style home design includes simple, classical, timeless details like gabled roofs, centrally-located doorways, and multiple stories.

In Texas, the addition of a covered porch has become popularized throughout the decades. The large porch adds a customizable option, as well as necessary shade and sun protection.

This type of home is simple to customize to your own tastes, and the elegance has proved itself timeless in this country. You can’t go wrong with a classic like this.

Texas Ranch Style

The signature style of Texas homes can be upgraded to that of a luxury home.

Texas Ranch style, like the state itself, is known for space. The design is often single-story and can take on sprawling square footage that really takes advantage of a large piece of property.

In terms of history, the ranch-style home came about in the US—mostly in the Southwest.
It is both interesting and eclectic, creating a style that just…works and the space makes it an ideal architectural design for a family.

Based on Spanish colonial designs, the style evolved into its’ own unique American architectural style.
The space allows for open-floor plan designs that are easily customizable to all your luxury home design ideas.

Spanish Revival/Mission

While necessarily simple in their white-washed walls and terra-cotta roofs, this classic, elegant style customizes to all your luxury home wants and needs beautifully.

This type of luxury home design lends itself to many craftsman details such as unique tile usage and design, woodworking, courtyards, large open patios, and windows.

The Spanish Revival or Spanish Mission home style also works well on large properties. With the right luxury design details, this type of home becomes like an oasis from the world. A magical haven with lantern-lit courtyards and the music of trickling fountains.

Mid-Century Modern

While most luxury designs we’ve discussed have roots in older architectural design concepts, we can’t forget the more recent, classic luxury home designs pioneered by famous designers like Frank Lloyd Wright.

Wright’s ideas of combining shapes and lines to harmonize with the natural world around the home are ideal for Texas and the beautiful environment. East Texas, in particular, is known for its wildflowers, vistas, and picturesque piney woods.

Mid-century modern designs utilize a lot of windows, often floor-to-ceiling. The windows allow for the feeling of being right within the natural world yet still surrounded by the sanctuary of your luxury home.

One of the great things about working with an experienced craftsman when it comes to luxury home design is that you’re working with a designer whose focus isn’t just on the architecture—it’s also on the custom details within the design. The details that make the home uniquely yours. There are many beautiful luxury homes out there, but the homes that truly stand out are the ones with thought, experience, and intention in every design detail.

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